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Liz completed her Joint Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology/Philosophy at the University of St. Thomas (Magna cum Laude), Houston, Texas, and her Master of Science in Psychology with a Specialization in Marriage & Family Therapy at Our Lady of the Lake University. Liz is currently working on her doctorate in Organizational Leadership Studies with a Specialization in Mediation and Conflict Resolution.

“I have years of experience working and counseling with a diverse population, including those of various cultures, youth, families, couples, individuals, and professionals. My work has taken me through several facilities such as the Houston Galveston Institute, long duration in the PICU unit of a psychiatric hospital, various community mental health clinics, and private practice at Elizabeth Tramonte, P. C.

“I obtained the basic and 40-hour family mediation training for dispute resolution in Houston, Texas. My approach in mediation is a combination of the Collaborative, Facilitative, and Transformative styles, with the aim of lessening conflict, fostering self-reliance, building relationships and finding a harmonious resolution for all parties. My nascent passion for collaborative approaches has taken me through graduate education and continues to influence my research and clinical work in the professional circles of practice.

“I have traveled extensively around the world and worked with people of many cultures. I believe that the experience that has informed me most profoundly about the human spirit is being a mother, homemaker, and professional while juggling my ongoing education and professional development.”


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